Thinking of doing the Skills for Work Certificate?

In August 2010 I completed the Skills for Work Certificate and I can honestly say it was completely worthwhile. One of my course mates and I saw the email about how it could add to our C.V and having both worked throughout our time at University we thought it would be an opportunity to illustrate that we didn’t just study whilst we were in Sheffield. It wasn’t hard to complete and although the hours look a lot at the start you wouldn’t believe how quickly you complete the amount necessary. The rest of the tasks involved in the certificate were interesting to complete and even though I completed mine over the summer break, when I wasn’t in Sheffield, there was still plenty of support from the supervisors if I ever had a problem. The certificate has shown me how many skills I have actually picked up whilst working and I think it stands out on my C.V.

Now I’ve completed the Skills for Work Certificate I’m looking into starting the Sheffield Graduate Award as the skills for work certificate counts towards the Graduate Award. The only thing I would say is that I wish I’d completed it earlier as it will look invaluable on my C.V and I would then have thought of doing the Graduate Award earlier as anything that would make me stand out to future employers is definitely worth doing!

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