Smart casual – what does that mean?

If an employer invites you for an informal interview, or you’re going to spend some time getting work experience at an employer’s premises, and someone tells you that the dress code is ‘smart casual’ – what do they mean? How are you going to get it right? Go too casual and they may think you’re not bothered. Overdress, and you’ll feel uncomfortable and worry that you’re standing out like a sore thumb.
So here are our tips on smart casual:
  • Wear shoes, not trainers; and make sure they’re clean.
  • If you need a top layer (well it is winter), then a fairly smart jacket or coat should do it.
  • Make sure everything is clean and pressed.
For women:
  • Dress, skirt or trousers, not jeans
  • Plain jumper or shirt and cardigan
  • Keep the jewellery fairly simple
For men:
  • Trousers, not jeans
  • A clean, fairly formal shirt (that’s the smart bit), but open-necked (that’s the casual - only the top button open though, they don’t want to see your chest hair or gold medallion); not a t-shirt or hoodie
  • Plain jumper
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