A final year student’s perspective

As semester two rapidly slips away final year students are constantly asked ‘what are your plans for next year?’. For the lucky, or especially focused among us, this question may not be particularly problematic. But for others who, like me, are uncertain about their future, it can be rather daunting! For some it is merely a case of getting on with it. Those applying for further study should be well on their way with applications. Personal statements can seem terrifying but it's best to start early and really make it as good as you can. Make sure you get feedback no matter how self-conscious you may feel. People in your department, like your personal tutor, will be able to help a lot.

If you’re concerned that you will not achieve the grade you need for further study or for a certain career, then it may be a good idea to talk to someone about it. Your personal tutor will be able to discuss steps for you to take to help you improve your grades or advisers at the Careers Service can suggest possible career alternatives.

Many students choose not to go straight into further study or graduate employment. If this is the case for you don’t feel guilty but also don’t be complacent! Make sure you have a clear idea of what you do want to do and then make it happen.


Careers Service

Careers Service

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