Student Employee of the Year - Nomination Deadline Approaching Fast

seotyNominations are still open for Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) Award.  We are really hoping that Sheffield will be represented as we know many of our students make a very important contribution to local businesses and the local economy by working whilst they study.  SEOTY is your chance to gain recognition for all your hard work - all you need to do is ensure that your employer knows about the competition (we have postcards in the Jobshop if you are feeling shy) and that they submit their nomination by the deadline: 5pm on 25 March 2011.

And if one good turn deserves another, you can also nominate your employer as Student Employer of the Year - see the website for details - same deadline applies ie 5pm on 25 March.

Don't forget, there are cash prizes to be won (£100 or £200) and the chance to attend the national awards ceremony in Birmingham in July -  and even a nomination is worth mentioning on your CV.

Miss it - miss out!
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Careers Service

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