Summer is on the way - what are you going to do with it?

Summer is fast approaching and many students will have organised various different things such as the coveted internship, summer job, or even the much needed holiday.
I’m excited to say that I’ve managed to secure a place as a counsellor for a summer camp in the United States of America! Not only have I got a summer job, I’ll also be on holiday in the States during my time off.
Taking part in an American summer camp means that you'll be broadening your work experience and developing new skills in areas like communication, time management and leadership. All of this is beneficial for your future career - and of course it will look great on your C.V!
The process is fairly straightforward. To start off with you fill out an application form online. Once that’s done, you will receive a personal interactive account on their website which will allow the agent (Camp America, CCUSA, BUNAC, etc...) to communicate with you. You then pay your first deposit and wait for an interview with a camp representative in your region. Alternatively, you could attend a recruitment fair organised by the agent where camp directors are flown in to answer any specific enquiries about their camp and hire you on the spot! Not everyone gets a space though so make sure you have your winning smile and personality on show for this.
Now some people have told me that participating in summer camp programmes can be costly. I’m not going to lie, it does take a fair bit out of your pocket. But, if you think about it, this does include things like airfare, your visa application and insurance, which certainly do not come cheap. Not only that, the camp you work at gives you an allowance, PLUS you get free accommodation and food. Well worth the money in my opinion!
So, that is what I will be doing over the summer holidays. America, here I come!
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