Going to the fair?

Summer’s coming and, although exams are looming, they’ll soon be over, so it’s time to start planning your trip to the fair.

We’re talking about the annual round of summer recruitment fairs. These are major jobs fairs held at universities and other locations throughout the UK, primarily targeted at finalists just coming on to the job market.

Back in March we got the season off to a flying start with the ‘Spring into Jobs Fair’, and this year there seem to be more than ever – from London to Edinburgh, Birmingham to Belfast. For graduate recruiters it must feel like being a band on tour (except they wear suits ... and probably drink less). If you’re staying in Sheffield for a while, then our nearest ones are in Leeds (8 June) and Manchester (15-16 June).

For a full list of what’s happening where and when, check the Prospects website; each fair has its own website where you can check out which employers will be there.

Make the best of your time at the fair by preparing well beforehand. Research the companies you want to talk with so you come across as knowledgeable and interested. Don’t write a company off if you’ve not heard of them or you’re not sure what they do – there are great opportunities in smaller firms, and an engineering or construction firm may have openings in marketing, finance or HR.

Have some good questions up your sleeve, and be ready to say why you are attracted to an organisation and what experience or skills you have. And note the name of the person you spoke to – you can mention your conversation later when you apply.

It might be that the fair you are interested in is actually a virtual fair taking place online. From the 6th – 17th June we’ll be hosting the ‘Summer Graduate Recruitment Online Fair’. So if you can’t make it to one of the fairs, or would rather speak to employers about their opportunities from the comfort of your own home – this is the fair for you!

Good luck and enjoy the summer!

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Careers Service

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