Thinking of Further Study?

The idea of going on to postgraduate study can be very appealing if you really love your subject and want to spend time exploring it in more depth. Further study can also be an essential requirement for entry into certain careers.

Apart from these reasons, you might feel that having a higher qualification will make you ‘stand out from the crowd’ when applying for jobs in general. If that’s the case then it’s worth looking in detail at what your preferred employers are actually asking for: it may well be that they are more interested in your experience and your personal qualities than your level of qualification. Also, it can be very tempting to use a year of postgraduate study as a way of buying time while you make up your mind about what you really want to do with your life. Our experience suggests that this doesn’t always work! Master’s degree courses can be very intensive and you may find that you have even less time to research and think about possible careers.

If you’re thinking seriously about further study, it would be a good idea to call in and see us at the Careers Service, 388 Glossop Road. You can discuss your options with a careers adviser or look at the information that we have on courses and funding. Alternatively, if you’d rather check things out via the web first, the relevant section on the Prospects website has a wealth of information.

Careers Service

Careers Service

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