Create your own work experience

If you're hoping to get work experience relevant to your course or your future career, you might have a long wait to see a suitable opportunity advertised. You have to go out and look for the employers rather than expect them to come looking for you - in other words, create your own work experience opportunity. The speculative approach to finding work experience involves researching employers in your chosen field, and sending a CV and covering letter to those that you're most interested in, asking for the opportunity to gain experience with them.

For some occupations it may be practical to gain experience of actually doing the work while you're a student, but it may be possible to shadow someone working in the role you are interested in.

Find out about the creative approach to workshadowing in our 'Where to Look' booklet, also available at the Student Jobshop or the Careers Service.

You can find out more about Creative Job Searching on the Careers Service website.
Careers Service

Careers Service

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