More difficult interview questions

Following on from our last post, here are some more interview tips from our guest blogger Ed Mellett:

Where do you see yourself in three/five years’ time?

While they won’t expect you to have every move mapped out in great detail, they will be looking for a career plan that is realistic and well reasoned.

In addition, most interviewers will be looking for someone who wants to grow professionally. At the graduate stage a lot of recruitment is aimed at bringing future talent into the company, especially with larger corporate firms, so it’s likely that they will be aiming to hire graduates who want to stay with the company for some time and progress up the ranks.

What do you see as our main strengths? What challenges do you believe the company faces?

Both of these questions are asked to check that you have researched the company. To come up with the best answer look at a number of sources when you’re doing your research before the interview. Don’t just look at the company website but check some independent views, for example press coverage or what customers are saying on social media sites.

What questions do you have for us?

You’ll probably get asked this at the end of the interview. Saying “None” could lose you the job as they may think that you aren’t really interested. To make a good impression, always have a list of questions to ask based on your research of the company. You’ll probably also find that questions occur to you as the interview progresses.

With thanks to Edward Mellett, Director of graduate jobs website, for contributing this post.

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