Writing a CV: A student's perspective

I remember having to contemplate writing my first C.V. at the tender age of 14 in order to obtain work experience in my local area. During key skills (or PSHE) at school we learnt the basic C.V. format and since then I have updated mine every year, tailoring it for different jobs.

At 14 the work place was an exciting prospect, and my head was filled with ideas of work being fun and rewarding. Instead I found myself in a retail store repeatedly stacking shelves under a bright fluorescent glow and monotonous pop music from the 90s. Thankfully this only lasted for a week, but I did go back to school with a large boost to my work ethic and the drive to find a job that I’ll enjoy!

Since then I have enhanced my C.V. every year with various school and university activities. I found the resources on the Careers Service website to be very helpful, particularly the many examples of CVs that it includes. I’ve also picked up useful tips from some of the talks run by the University. The Skills for Success sessions I have attended have been very insightful; a recent talk from Waitrose gave me many helpful hints and tips for interviews and job applications.


Careers Service

Careers Service

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