Psychometric Tests: A student's perspective

Psychometric tests are increasingly being used by employers in their selection process. This is because they are objective measures by which they can assess individual applicants, helping them to select the right candidate for the job.

As a student applying for a graduate position, I find psychometric tests quite daunting. My concern is that there isn’t the personal communication between the applicant and the employer that exists in other parts of the selection process. Knowing that these tests are used as filters, where if you pass you move on to the next stage and if not you’re out of the process, adds a lot more pressure to an already high pressured situation!

Luckily for us at the University of Sheffield, we have a Careers Service that has a wealth of information on psychometric tests. Last week I attended an afternoon talk, which I found extremely useful because it touched on topics such as what to expect and how to prepare for psychometric tests. Finding out more about this selection method has certainly gone some way to making me feel better about actually taking the tests.

Careers Service

Careers Service

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