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In the current climate, where many people are looking for work and there are too few jobs to go round, it pays to be creative in your jobsearch. Whilst there are some good places to start job-hunting where jobs are advertised eg myVacancies, local newspapers, company websites, there are still opportunities to be found in less obvious places. Don't underestimate the value of carrying some CVs around with you - then if you see any posters in shop or office windows, call in and introduce yourself and leave a CV, and if you don't hear anything call back and remind them that you are interested and available - many students tell us that they have found their job this way. Post office noticeboards, friends and family and the internet are all potential sources of vacancies, but a word to the wise - whilst the internet can be your friend - and there is lots of evidence to suggest that LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter can all lead to employment - please beware of the pitfalls of jobhunting on the web.

A Google search for part-time jobs in Sheffield brings up 8million+ hits but a brief look at just a few of these reveals very few actual vacancies that would be attractive to and suitable for students. The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) report that they have been inundated with reports of 'employers' advertising fake jobs on internet job sites. If you see something advertised that looks too good to be true, it probably is....there are a few organisations who advertise 100s of positions in sales and marketing, but anecdotal feedback suggests that these may involve door to door sales calls with no pay cheque at the end. Use the internet to find out more about employers and jobs - a Google search on an employer's name will often reveal more details of others' experiences and if you are asked for money or bank account details, do NOT give these out.

Be cautious too if you receive an email or a text which offers you a job that you have not applied for - it is unlikely to lead to a genuine job. It is very easy for unscupulous operators to gain email addresses and mobile numbers (think twice about including this information in your Facebook profile for instance) so be suspicious if you receive unsolicited mail from an unknown source.

Having said all this, there are jobs out there and many students are successful in finding a part-time job. If you haven't found one yet, don't give up hope - remember we add new vacancies to myVacancies every day and you might also want to check out the new Sheffield Internship Scheme for undergraduates which offers 100 hours of paid project-based work experience with local companies (

If you have a job, you can help future students by proving to be a reliable and efficient member of staff and demonstrating to employers that students are good for their business, so that they will keep coming back for more! And don't forget that you can also enrol for the Skills for Work Certificate ( and gain recognition of the skills you have acquired by working,

Feel free to call into the Student Jobshop anytime to discuss your jobsearch, we are open as usual until the end of the semester with reduced hours over the holiday period.

Happy jobhunting - Happy Christmas!
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