Take a revision break

Exams are now in full swing, and whilst it may be tempting to make the IC your home for the next few weeks, it really isn’t good for you. During exam periods it’s important to look after yourself – eat well, get a good night’s sleep and take regular breaks from revision. If you haven’t seen it already, the Union has put together a great Exam Survival Guide.

Here’s an idea for one of your revision breaks - check out our Graduate Case Studies database. We have almost 600 case studies from University of Sheffield graduates telling us what they’ve gone on to do, how they got there and what they enjoy about their job. You can search the database by department and by type of job. It’s really interesting to see the routes that graduates have taken after leaving University and the advice that they want to pass on to current students. If you’re a nosey sort of person then taking a look at the database is 20 minutes well spent – but hopefully you’ll also get some career inspiration along the way!

However, if you’ve spent most of your time this week organising your notes, making a revision timetable, browsing Facebook, chatting to friends, cleaning your room, and doing virtually anything to avoid studying (we know, we’ve been there!)... then sorry, but it’s probably time to do some actual revision!

Good luck

Careers Service

Careers Service

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