What does your Facebook profile say about you?

You might view your professional life and future career plans as completely separate from your Facebook or Twitter profile – but, in reality, it’s not! Research suggests that employers are increasingly using social media to check out candidates before offering them a job, and some are even starting to use social media to actively search for potential employees.

So, if your use of social media is ... well ... purely social, it’s time to start giving some thought to what your digital footprint says about you. Although it’s important to think about your existing online presence, you should also consider what you’re not doing online. Social media can be a great way to find out about employers and their opportunities.

We’ve put together some advice on how to make sure that you are marketing yourself effectively online, see: Social Media and your career. If you’re smart about your use of social media then, in a competitive jobs market, it can work to your advantage!
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