Preparing for Interviews and Assessment Centres

At this time of year a lot of students visit the Careers Service to ask for help with interviews and assessment centres. Being invited to an interview or an assessment centre by an organisation may seem daunting but it means you’ve been successful with your application so far. On paper you appear to have what they’re looking for and they would like to find out more about you. So far so good!

Here at the Careers Service we have a lot of material in different formats to help you prepare for these interviews and assessment centres. Popular books include: “Succeeding at Interviews”, “Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions” and “How to Succeed at Assessment Centres”. You can find the full list of resources at:

If you haven’t had an interview before and need/would like some practice with interview technique, you may want to try our “Interviewer” software, which is an interactive programme that allows you to work through a series of questions and record your responses via a webcam. To book a time to use the “Interviewer” software at the Careers Service just call 0114 222 0910. Alternatively, the software is also available for current students to takeaway on laptops for a £5 deposit.

For those of you who find it difficult to visit us at the Careers Service we have facilities online including a number of short video clips. These video clips include; students being interviewed by graduate recruiters and also a video on assessment centres, which will give you an idea of what to expect. These can be found at:

Good luck!
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