‘Doing the right thing right' – A professional ethics workshop

This Skills for Success session on Wednesday 24th October was delivered by ACCA, which is the global body for professional accountants.  The topic was ethics within the workplace of an accountant, and how to go about ensuring you don’t make unethical judgements in this demanding profession.

The session went really well and was well received by the students who took part.  There were a few group activities, one of which was an ethical behaviour quiz, which involved two bags of sweets labelled A and B.  All students stood up and were presented with a series of ethical problems, and an option of an A or B response. They then had to pick out a sweet from either bag based on their response to the problem. This was a great icebreaker and it also allowed those who skipped lunch a slight indulgence of their sweet tooth!  

Another activity required students to split up into smaller groups to consider some case studies of ethical problems within an accounting context.  Students had to discuss the issue in their smaller groups, before voicing their opinions to the group as a whole.   

Although it was placed in an accountancy context, the session as a whole taught us all valuable lessons that would be applicable to literally every profession. These lessons included the importance of telling the truth and having moral integrity. The session was also great as it acknowledged the fact that when entering graduate employment, new employees do not know everything straight away. Therefore these sorts of skills sessions are vital for anybody who wishes to become an honest and valuable employee in the future.   

ACCA will also be at the Business and Finance Fair on Wednesday 31st October, so don’t miss out on their great advice and insight! 

Mark (Student Blogger)
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