How much time are you wasting?

A group students from a wide variety of different courses came together on Monday  15th October for a Skills for Success session. It was hosted by a young, yet experienced individual from PwC, the still number one graduate employer according to The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers publication. The topic being presented was Effective Time Management, and how to develop this; a crucial skill for all students!

All of the students actively took part in group work, discussion and debate over a variety of issues, particularly in what caused people to suffer problems with time. The primary reasons given by the group were: the internet, walking around, playing with pets, checking emails, and being on Facebook.

Most students have time management issues, particularly when it comes to preparing for exams, writing essays and doing other assessed work. Many of us said that YouTube is both a secret weapon and a hidden curse, as it gives information but also acts as a musical distraction.

We later went on to discuss potential solutions for these issues. It was decided that a clear, well-constructed plan, which involved effective rest at the body’s low points in the day, should be designed by each student in order to effectively manage their time.

Prioritisation was also stated as a key objective for those in the latter stages of the semester, who were still struggling under mountains of essays, presentations and reading. The message: if you can prioritise, do it; if you cannot, well then you have to do some work. Cue gloomy faces amongst the audience!

Skills for Success sessions are a great way for you to really engage yourself into modern business practice, acquire the skills of the pros, and not to miss out on achieving your full potential during your studies at the University of Sheffield.

Liam (Student Blogger)
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