A hectic few months...

Well, being a Fresher, I would advise you to set aside some time amongst the clubbing to actually organise yourself. You need to be fully aware of the situation you're in and what you need to do to avoid massive failure! That’s not to say that everything won’t fall apart for me, but I made sure that I explored everything asap so that anything is possible.

Firstly, I worked out how many lecture and work hours I’d have each week, and how much money would be necessary for me to live and spend a little. I realised that I needed to get a job. I wasted a lot of time trekking up and down Broomhill with CVs, disappointingly none of which got so much as a call!

I posted my details online and asked the Careers Service to advise me on what to do. They actually offered me a job and this who I'm writing for. I was also contacted on the phone by a door-to-door sales company and started very recently. It’s a fair few hours altogether, but it’s so ideal to earn money on incredibly flexible time.

I joined societies of minimal effort and obligation. Not sport (thank god!) but ones for me: languages; some paintballing; the relaxed tea society; and the chilled city community board games club at the Union, with free cake – yes, FREE CAKE!

I also had a revelation with my course. I’d applied for Civil Engineering with Spanish and a year in Granada. After long meetings I decided to move to classes separate from the degree and change level. The bottom line is that I now have more freedom with travel within or after my course. I can carry it on to a Masters, and I’m free to continue with French and dabble with Mandarin over the years.

I’m really dreaming of Holland, or maybe Belgium, for me and my partner to complete both of our Masters there together and travel abroad. I’m glad I’m not going to Spain, never mind in the hotter seasons. As a ginger I find I burn even in the winter months over there!

I’m really passionate about Civil Engineering, but also about languages too. Translation is an option, though that’s about it, but it’s very desirable due to the freelancing and mobility. I know the years will continue to be hard, constant and a little frantic with work, but I really am hoping for and trying my best.

Fingers crossed this works...

Jamie (Student Blogger)
Careers Service

Careers Service

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