Christmas career plans

It’s Christmas time again, and I have returned home to ideally revise, eat mince pies and get some money together for the coming semester (although not necessarily in that order!). When I’m back home I have a few jobs that I can return to. Firstly I’m a member of the bar staff at my local O2 Academy. It’s a pretty good job other than the late hours, because I get to see a lot of gigs and, as they employ some students during term time, they’re happy to have me back to work when I’m around. I also do some office work, which I probably enjoy a little less, as it mostly involves me looking at a screen from nine to five and having very little human interaction.

However, so far I've been welcomed back when I’m home and, due to the two jobs rarely overlapping, I can do both at the same time - that is until revision rears its ugly head! I’ve had three exams before Christmas and I have another three in January. I need to average a 2.1 to stay on my master’s course, so I really need to keep my nose to the grindstone. Even without a job to keep me busy I find it particularly tricky to stay focused at this time of year, with various family gatherings and catch-ups with friends from school.

To keep a balance between these various factors, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to drop one of my jobs. This is annoying as my office job offers lots of hours and consequently earns me much more money, whereas the bar work is only a few nights a week, but of course I earn less. I think I need to start thinking of my career in the longer term, and not just in my holidays from uni. I should free up as much time as I can to revise, so for that reason I don’t think  I can return to my office job this holiday. I hope that they let me return in summer when I don’t have exams looming over me, but if not, I feel like I’ve gained valuable experience from working there; even if it’s simply how to stick at something that’s not ever so exciting.

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