Recognising your potential

The John Lewis Partnership headed up last month’s Skills for Success session and gave an interesting talk detailing what students need to do when applying for graduate schemes. Competition for graduate schemes can be fierce and the pressure to succeed academically is constantly increasing, especially as around half of university students in the UK currently achieve 2:1s. However, although grades are important, it is no longer just enough to rely on your strong academic credentials; you have to show employers why you stand out from the crowd.

The session provided information on how students can enhance their applications and performance in interviews and assessment centres. The key points from the session were that students should focus on highlighting their skills and extracurricular activities when writing applications. Students were asked by the speaker to identify some important skills and attributes that employers look for, such as teamwork skills, leadership skills, motivation, commitment and the ability to go the extra mile. Volunteering, previous employment and work experience are great ways to demonstrate that you possess these key skills and are crucial in making your application stand out. Also, the longer you have done these additional activities for, the better!

Finally, the John Lewis Partnership explained how it is important to recognise your potential in order to get the most out of assessment centres. For instance how do you make decisions? What’s your role in group exercises? What are your strengths? By identifying these you can realise the impression you make on an employer and develop your skills so you get the right job for you.

Eleanor (Student Blogger)
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