Looking forward to the summer

After many months of trawling through volunteering and placement websites, filling in application forms and generally trying to sell myself to project managers, I have at last secured a placement for this summer. I’m going to Belize to help “rescue, rehabilitate and research” abused howler monkeys, spider monkeys and manatees. This might not seem like it will be leading directly to a job after uni and, to be honest, it isn’t!

I am, admittedly, slightly envious of my friends who have landed internships with definite graduate employment chances. However, the job that currently appeals to me the most is research and, as the subject that I am most interested in researching is animal behaviour, it should be good to get some practical experience in this field. This placement does come with a few problems though, mostly in the form of cost. Flights to and from Belize aren’t cheap, and neither is a month long unpaid placement, so I will need to set about getting a term-time job other than writing a blog about trying to get a job (which ironically should give me lots to write about!). 

I’m lucky enough to have jobs that I can return to each holiday when I come home from uni. I work as bar staff at a local club, and I do some office work too, but they only account for a few months of the year. My bar experience should go some way to getting me a part-time job, I hope... I have a few friends who’ve already worked at pubs around Broomhill and would recommend me if a vacancy does come up. Also, if this happens, at least I’ll know for sure if it is a good place to work as a student. Hopefully this will all come through for me in February when exams are over, but I am already checking the Careers Service myVacancies email alert I set up every time it comes into my inbox!

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