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This week in the Careers Service I have seen quite a few soon-to -be graduates coming in to get some advice before they finish, it’s an exciting time and we are always keen to hear about your plans and offer our help!  If you are still in the process of firming up your career ideas but think you’d like to stay in Sheffield and and work for one of the city’s growing businesses then what I’m about to tell you may be of interest !

A couple of weeks ago Rebecca Fielding from an organisation called Gradconsult came into the Careers Service to tell the team about a new internship scheme for graduates. RISE internships are part of new initiative set up by Sheffield City Council with support from both Sheffield universities. It has been recognised that in order for Sheffield as a city to prosper we need to keep our amazing graduates in the city!

Rise Internships are just about to launch and there are 30 different opportunities available with a range of small and medium sized organisations in the Sheffield city region. Some will require a specific degree whilst others are open to graduates with any degree. All internships are competitively paid (we were all very pleased to hear this in the Careers Service, as so many good internships are tarnished with the bad reputation of those organisations who don’t pay their interns) and vary in length, but on average last 6-9 months so there is real opportunity for you to get stuck in, get hands on experience and the chance to make a difference. 
Another great thing about the internships is the additional support you receive – feedback on your application and interview, 3 months membership of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, professional training and networking events….
The internships launch on Tuesday 4th June and if you are interested in applying for one of the internships then you need to do so asap as some internships may close early if they have enough good applicants ( The official closing date is 21st June).  
We’re holding a briefing session for University of Sheffield graduates on Tuesday 4th June at 1pm in the Careers Service so come along if you’re interested in finding out more.

Details of the internships are on myVacancies or visit the Rise webpage :

Have a look at the internships available at let us know what you think!

Claire, Careers Adviser 
Careers Service

Careers Service

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