“Are you open over the summer?” What the Careers Service get up to during the summer break.

The question posed in the title is one we receive regularly over the summer period from students visiting us, and it's a question that is often followed by a sound of mild surprise when we inform them that we are indeed.

Though most (but by no means all,) undergraduates return home for the summer, taught postgraduates are here until September, and research postgraduates are with us all year round. This is also the period when fresh graduates are particularly keen to ask for help making career decisions and completing job applications. As well as all this, we’re more than happy to help graduates from the last three years, as they are still entitled to use our services.
We’re also busy revising the Careers Service website, updating our information resources, and adding graduate jobs, internships, and work experience opportunities to our online database myVacancies. The summer period is also where we start to put together our programme of events for the new academic year; planning job fairs, events, and employer activities, and reviewing our skills development programmes, whether that be honing long-standing programmes such as the Sheffield Graduate Award, or putting the final touches to new initiatives like the Taste of Work Plus.

So as I hope this has managed to articulate, if you need any help or support from us over the summer, then we’re here, and not at the beach. Our opening hours remain the same as during term time (9-5, except for Tuesday’s when we open at 11,) and you can pop in at any time to browse the resources that we have in the Careers Library. If you feel like you need an appointment with a Careers Adviser, then you can book either in person, or by ringing 0114 222 0910. If you’re not based in Sheffield, then you can use our Email Enquiry Service, where we’ll reply to you within three working days.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Tom (Careers Information Team)
Careers Service

Careers Service

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