'Make the most of the summer before it's too late!'

Hopefully this summer you’ve enjoyed the uncharacteristic sunshine Britain has been awash with. But as August begins to draw to a close it may be worth starting to reflect on what else you’ve been up to over the summer, and how this could improve your employability in the future.

Whether you’ve been travelling, working in a part-time job, volunteering, or completing an internship or work experience, you’ll have developed skills that will be highly valued by employers. It’s worth reflecting on these now whilst they’re fresh in your head, so that you can highlight them when it comes to filling in those all important job applications.

You may also be interested in registering for the Sheffield Graduate Award, which recognises the skills you’ve partaken in outside of  your degree whilst you’ve been at university. You may also be able to submit some of the things you’ve already done as part of the award.  

Whilst you may be looking forward to kicking back and relaxing in the final weeks of your summer break, it’s never a bad idea to consider using this free time to touch up your CV, covering letter, or having a go at a psychometric test to see what sort of careers your personality and skill sets would suit. Even if you’re not planning on applying for any jobs in the near future, it’s worth considering these now whilst you’ve got some free time, as when term begins and the deadlines start to pile up, you’ll find yourself lacking in this!

Tom (Careers Information Team)
Careers Service

Careers Service

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