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In my first year of study every stranger I met had the same response when I told them I studied Mechatronic and Robotic Engineering…”Oh! Wow! Fascinating! So do you make Transformers?” (the giant transformed cars in the famous film). To be honest, the course does have the power to impress, and it truly does justice to its name. I am currently in my second year, hoping to carry on and pursue a Masters in Engineering in the field.  From a young age I was interested in electronics, computer science and maths, which ultimately led to my decision to study Mechatronics at the University of Sheffield.

Coming from India, having not lived abroad before and setting foot out of home for the first time, I was nervous about how I would settle into the UK system of education and adapt to the culture. I started off slow and steady, and before I knew it I had it all in my grasp. Well settled in, I began taking part in society activities, sports and was also elected the course representative in my department for the year. These extra-curricular activities helped me to meet new people and also gave me something more to do outside of my course.  

Now in my second year, I’ve decided to make use of every opportunity that comes my way. Keeping to that, I have successfully secured a part time job at the Careers Service as the Engineering Student Ambassador for the year. As well as this I hold the post of Secretary in the Automatic Control and Systems Engineering Society and Events Officer in the Indian Society. I’m also taking part in the Sheffield Mentors scheme as a mentor to five 1st year engineering students and I’m preparing for a delegate position at the Sheffield Model United Nations this November.  I’ve decided to keep myself quite occupied this year as a test for my time management skills. It’s been so far, so good for me and I hope that I am able to end the year on a positive note.  The course has gotten more challenging and expectations are high. Every day is like a new challenge, which I love – because that’s what keeps me on my feet constantly.

Project management and marketing are fields of engineering that greatly interest me and I am currently in pursuit of a summer Internship in either of these two areas. The Careers Service has constantly helped me, particularly their myVacancies service which lists student jobs, work experience and lots of other opportunities.
Over the rest of my time at University I want to continue to grab great opportunities, to develop my skills, build connections and, most importantly, not regret missing out on anything!
Umang (Student Ambassador for the Faculty of Engineering)

For further information on how you can make the most of your time here at Sheffield, check out the Experience Sheffield website at: http://www.shef.ac.uk/experience
Careers Service

Careers Service

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