If you have been a student here for the last year or two, you may have heard of or even participated in our Taste of Work scheme.  Aimed at students who are looking for a part-time job but have minimal previous experience, Taste of Work offers a single, half-day, bitesize work experience opportunity in a whole range of University and Union departments.  Taste of Work students have found themselves helping out in Coffee Revolution, whilst others have experienced life at the sharp end on the Welcome Desk in the Union, the Edge or the IC,  and some have even seen behind the scenes in the Registry , the Arts Faculty or the HR department.

Taste of Work is continuing, but this semester, we are adding a new programme – Taste of Work Plus – ie Taste of Work with value added.

If you have already done a Taste of Work or you have some work experience but want to gain a little more to help you to build your skills and confidence before looking for a part-time job, why not check out Taste of Work Plus.

With Taste of Work Plus you gain:
  • 16hrs of work experience within the University or Union – we have opportunities in  Geography, Learning & Teaching Services, Bar One and the Interval, Western Bank Library and more;  PLUS
  • A logbook to record your learning and experiences;  PLUS
  • A skills review session to examine the skills you have gained; PLUS
  • A certificate to record your participation.
So – no work experience, no problem – Taste of Work  is aimed at you – register now via the webpage.
Limited work experience?  Taste of Work Plus will give you more –  apply for vacancies via myVacancies 
(NB Both schemes are UNPAID and only open to current students at the University of Sheffield)

Both schemes are open now - register/apply early to avoid disappointment!

We hope you will enjoy a Taste of Work

Gill (Taste of Work Team)

Careers Service

Careers Service

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