Paid the fees, now make the most of your time here!

Did you know that you can get involved with many schemes for free through the Careers Service at our University? These include trying out what it is like to work part time (Taste of Work), through to building up your work experience and developing skills that would be of use in your future career.

Well, there are plenty more as I found out browsing through the Experience Sheffield website. I am very keen on making the most of my experience at the University; when you're paying thousands of pounds for the education, why not use all the advice and services available to you? Anyway, that is my way of thinking but I will try to show you how varied your options are.  

As I arrived in Sheffield, I knew I needed to find a part-time job to support myself. Not having much motivation at the beginning, I popped in to the Student Jobshop in the Students' Union and asked for advice. Very quickly, I found out about the jobs on offer and applied to work as a Jobshop assistant. A week later, after applying online and getting through an interview, I got an offer confirmation! This was a good beginning to my new year and I started a great job with a very friendly team of people.

I quickly moved on to developing other skills and signed up for the Sheffield Graduate Award and Skills for Work Certificate. The first one is a very prestigious award that will go with your degree, showcasing all your non-academic skills that you have developed throughout your time here at Sheffield. The latter, helps you to record the experience and skills you learn whilst working part time or during a summer placement. Both of them will be excellent for the CV and will help you to maximise your chances on the job market.  And don’t worry – you are not left on your own – there is plenty of support from the Careers Service from start to finish and they will answer any questions you may have.

Having two schemes started, I decided to focus on developing my entrepreneurial skills through Skill Build and Social Innovation Lab – both schemes offered by University of Sheffield Enterprise, and again – they are free to attend! Both of these aim at developing skills for running a business and setting up your own which is now much easier than I thought at the beginning. Not only will this go on my CV but it will also tick the boxes in completing the Sheffield Graduate Award. 

I am just about to sign up for the Skills for Success sessions – they are run by big companies, giving you a chance to network and gain an insight on what skills employers want from you. Could there be anything more useful? 

These are just a few examples of what University has on offer as I simply ran out of time to attend all of them at once! So make sure you check the website and choose something for yourself. Enjoy! 

Monika (First Year Civil Engineering student)
Careers Service

Careers Service

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