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This is my fourth year at University and, after a fantastic three years here, I felt the hunger to grasp new opportunities and give something back to the institution and city which has given me so much already. 

I decided to get involved in mentoring the younger medical students in neurology, and participated in giving a revision lecture series for students undertaking examinations. I remember how useful it was to get help from older students, as their perspective on what we need to learn was extremely reliable. 

Recently I also attended a homeless outreach evening, where a group of us went out on a Friday night into Sheffield city centre to give food, clothes and hot drinks to the homeless, whilst trying to find them accommodation for the night. It was an incredibly eye opening experience and made me realise that society has created somewhat of a social barrier between the homeless and non-homeless populations. I am the first to admit that before the outreach I was intimidated by, even scared of approaching the homeless. However after talking to some of the people I met about common things like football and childhood, I realised that actually there should not be this barrier. It’s difficult to say that I enjoyed this experience, as it’s never nice to see people suffering. What I would say, is that I am so thankful that I did it and will be doing it again, and I would really encourage other people to give it a try. 

I have also continued to play an active role on the University Cricket Club’s Committee this year, taking on the role of Social Secretary. We organised an excursion to Leeds for a team night out after watching the team play in the nationals at Headingley cricket stadium. ‘Give it a Go’ sessions have also been great for trying new things, and I really enjoyed trying Lacrosse and Hockey through Sport Sheffield. These sessions are an awesome way to get a taste of a sport and I would highly recommend them! 

In addition to all of this I have enrolled on the Sheffield Graduate Award, with a view to strengthening my degree and recording my extra-curricular experiences. 

The main message of this blog is to not let apprehension stop you from doing anything or from trying new things. Make the most of your time at University, as you can get involved and experience things which you may never get a chance to do again! 

(Careers Service student ambassador for the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health) 
To find out more about what you can do to make the most of your time here at the University of Sheffield, visit the Experience Sheffield website.
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Careers Service

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