Getting to know you (why Profiling for Success should get your vote)

The foundation of a great career is making good choices; choices such as the jobs you do, the courses you study, and the rewards you want from all that hard work.
And the basics of making good career choices are simple. You just need to:
1. Know yourself – your skills, your career interests, your values, experience and so on
2. Know the options open to you – what’s available, what they involve, entry requirements and the chances of getting in;
and then…
3. Make a choice based on 1 and 2 above.

If you think about it, deciding which jobs appeal to you is a bit like deciding which politician you should vote for at the election…what do they offer, does what they promise match your aspirations, and would you seriously want them to influence your future life chances?

And just like choosing who to vote for, we all have to think about what we want from our career before committing to it. (Or is this politics analogy becoming too tortuous in an attempt to be topical…?)

Anyway, before I lose your interest (and your vote) I’ll abandon that line of thinking and get to the point.Finding a job you can do and want to do, isn’t necessarily straightforward. We’re all different, and want different things; and answering a question like ‘What kind of a person am I?’ isn’t necessarily easy to answer.
So it makes sense to get some help when carrying out this kind of self-diagnosis.
Which is where Profiling for Success comes in.
PfS is a set of online psychometric resources from the Careers Service made up of:

Career Interest Inventory (CII) – career exploration based on ‘what I want to do’. Particularly recommended if you aren’t sure which careers might match your interests, skills and preferred work styles.

Type Dynamics Indicator (TDI) – a personality assessment providing insight into what energises you (aka your ‘strengths’), how you make decisions, and how you view and make sense of the world around you.

Values Based Indicator of Motivation (VBiM)– feedback on your values and what motivates you.

Learning Styles Inventory (LSI) – a way to recognise, develop and build on your preferred learning styles.

There are also verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills tests to give you a realistic understanding of your performance in these skill areas compared with other graduates and postgraduates.

In short, PfS is a powerful set of FREE resources that give you insight into career possibilities you can explore, as well as your personality, talents and potential.

To get the access codes so you can use PfS, go to ‘Getting Started’ at where you'll also find more help with making career choices.
Marcus (Careers Adviser)

PfS - it gets our vote!


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