A company’s perspective… the University of Sheffield Engineering Graduate Recruitment & Placement Fair

This week's blog post is provided by Renae Lenhof, a Nuclear Engineer at NuScale Power.

I recently attended the University of Sheffield Engineering Graduate Recruitment & Placement Fair to meet engineering and science students interested in working in nuclear energy. Despite the rainy weather, hundreds of students attended the event, eager to learn more about what opportunities will help them make the transition from University to “The Real World” – namely internships, industry placements and eventually full-time employment.

Renae Lenhof, Nuclear Engineer, NuScale Power

As a nuclear engineer at NuScale Power, the leading U.S. developer of small modular reactors, and a former NuScale intern myself, I was eager to promote our fully funded internship programme to University of Sheffield students and give them the inside track on what to expect if they were placed at our Oregon design centre.

Speaking to students at the Fair, I was keen to explain that a wide range of engineering and science related disciplines can be applied to the nuclear industry. Students of chemical, mechanical, electronic and civil engineering are valuable assets for companies like NuScale, as are those with qualifications in materials science or physics.

From a personal perspective, NuScale invested heavily in my professional development as an intern. With regular training, an assigned mentor and the opportunity to work on real engineering analyses, my internship really helped me make the transition from college to industry.

For those who think that interns just make cups of coffee this isn’t the case at all.  Even as an intern, I worked on the development of NuScale’s core design base model, used commercial nuclear analysis software programmes, and examined the impact of design changes to internal components on the neutronics of the core.  It really provided me with a great experience.

Reflecting on the students I met over the course of my two days in Sheffield, it was clear to me that the vast majority are driven and determined to succeed during their time at University and beyond. As a woman working in engineering, it was great to see so many talented young women pursuing a career in engineering and the enthusiastic response of students interested in studying technical subjects.

If you’re reading this and I didn’t manage to speak to you at the Fair (…or the rain kept you away!), take a look at the information below to learn more about NuScale Power and the company’s internship programme.

Renae Lenhof
Nuclear Engineer, NuScale Power

About NuScale Power:

NuScale Power, a U.S. company based in Corvallis, Oregon, is developing a new type of nuclear technology – a small modular reactor (SMR). NuScale’s design brings scalability, flexibility and factory fabrication to civil nuclear energy – attributes not previously associated with nuclear power stations.
The company opened its UK office in 2015 and has been helping the UK Government with its SMR feasibility work, being led by the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC). In 2014, NuScale signed an agreement with the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, based in Sheffield, to collaborate on the development of its technology.
NuScale’s primary investor, Fluor Corporation employs more than 2,000 engineers in Farnborough, whilst Rolls-Royce and Ultra Electronics have been supporting the commercialisation of NuScale’s technology in the U.S.
For more information visit our website at http://www.nuscalepower.com/ 

About our internship programme: 

The NuScale Power funded internship programme has been set-up in collaboration with the Oregon State University (OSU) Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering (NSE).
NuScale is offering up to five paid summer internships, which will take place Corvallis, Oregon, U.S. and will run from June through September 2016.  Interns will work on a variety of research and development projects at OSU NSE and at NuScale’s design facilities.
The internship is open exclusively for University of Sheffield students studying engineering or physics related disciplines who will be returning to the University of Sheffield to obtain their degrees following the internship period.
Selected interns will receive $2,000 per month and will be provided with on-campus housing by OSU (including linens and cookware).
To apply, please submit the following materials as email attachments to Janet Knudson at janet.knudson@oregonstate.edu:
a) One letter of recommendation from a University of Sheffield faculty member;
b) Curriculum Vitae;
c) 250 word statement of interest summarising your research interests at OSU, relevant experience, and relevant engineering subjects studied;
d) Official University of Sheffield transcript; and
J-1 student intern application and criminal history check (contact Janet Knudson for more info).

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