The Student Employee of the Year Awards – Emerging Talent Programme.

The Student Employee of the Year Award aims to recognise students who work part time alongside their studies. National winners of the Student Employee of the Year Award receive a number of different prizes and they have the opportunity to attend ‘SEOTY winners emerging talent programme’, this is also open to regional winners.

Petru Tarabuta won the Off Campus Step Up To Leadership awards in 2015 for his work as a Student Ambassador at National Instruments. Here he give's an appraisal of the emerging talent programme.

"The Emerging Talent programme I attended in Liverpool, as part of the SEOTY 2015 national awards, was a productive experience. There I got the chance to meet many of the SEOTY regional winners from around the country, all of them high-achieving and ambitious students. The programme itself focused on developing team-work and leadership skills. It consisted of a three hour workshop where we grouped ourselves in teams of 4 or 5 and proceeded to solve a few different tasks. One of the challenges was to order, as a team, the most important ten attributes of a good team player, from a list containing twenty or so qualities. Then, the team had to present and explain in front of the other four teams why those skills were the most important to them. Selecting and ordering those ten attributes reflected the team’s view of what the core qualities of a team player are, and required some thought, as all the attributes to start with were desirable. While presenting, the questions from the fellow students from the other teams were difficult, but fair. The atmosphere was one of intelligent people, studying a wide variety of courses, but with one common quality: the discipline and capacity for hard work that got them the regional awards. I am glad I attended the Emerging Talent programme."

Find more information about The Student Employee of the Year Awards on our website. 

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