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Databowl are a lead management software company, born and bred in Sheffield.  The company provides call centres, media agencies, large corporations and growing start-ups all over the world with the ability to use their lead management software to quickly reach their customers who will grow their business.

They launched in Sheffield in 2012 and are growing rapidly. Based just outside the city centre they are proud of their connection with Sheffield. “All of our founders are from Sheffield and it is a great place to do business as there are good transport links with major cities and it’s not too expensive.  There is also lots of talent from the University of Sheffield.”

In April 2015 Databowl contacted the Careers Service’s Placement Team, asking for advice on how to recruit a student who could join their development team. The advert was promoted to students and Databowl chose to recruit a student from the Department of Computer Science.

“We are really pleased with Hasan, our placement student.  He's picked up the job really quickly and is a great asset to have.  We’ll be sad to see him go. Fortunately he has agreed to continue working part time during his final year. The Placement Team were a lot more pro-active than any of the others in the region.  We approached all the big universities in the area and the service was best from Sheffield.”

Louise Cooper, Placement Officer at the Careers Service says “It was a pleasure to work with Databowl, and extremely satisfying to have been part of the process that matched a great student with them.  Working with SMEs locally is something we want to do more of and we are hoping to build up relationships with other companies in the Sheffield and Yorkshire area.”

Databowl have extended their relationship with the University, working with University of Sheffield Enterprise on their start up weekend and also with Department of Computer Science students on their marathon weekend HackSheffield. “We hired a placement student for the academic year 2015/16 but we’re hoping to recruit another placement student and are open to recruiting graduates.  We are also looking at collaborating on some research project in the future too.”

If you are a company who wants to secure students on placement then you can find out more about the services we offer by emailing placements@sheffield.ac.uk

If you’re interested in learning more about how lead management can benefit your company, Databowl can be contacted via their website.
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