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FinancialForce is the leading cloud ERP provider on the Salesforce App Cloud - in simple terms, it builds innovative business applications.  As a company that cares a lot about employee satisfaction, it believes in finding employees who want to come to work every day with new ideas and who are ready to get inspired and be engaged. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why they engaged with the University of Sheffield!

With offices in the UK, America, Canada, Spain and Australia, FinancialForce is not a small company. Fortunately it has based its UK operations in the North Yorkshire town of Harrogate, meaning that the University of Sheffield Careers Service has had the opportunity to forge links with them and help them attract new talent.

Sarah Vance, Employer Relations Officer at the Careers Service, says, “Working with employers such as FinancialForce is a fantastic way to open our students and graduates up to great opportunities with organisations they might not have previously been aware of. It has been great to work with them to raise their profile on campus, resulting in a student successfully gaining a placement and helping them to achieve their business needs. So far it has been a win-win situation.”

Working closely with the FinancialForce team has meant that the Careers Service could understand the qualities of the student they were looking for. In addition, we worked with the Department of Computer Science, whose students are highly sought after by employers, to adapt the job advert to include first year students.

FinancialForce.com has been pleased with the results. “We have been able to reach high quality and engaged students whilst increasing our brand awareness across the campus. We attended an event on campus and this has resulted in us recruiting a summer placement student. We have found extremely helpful, professional and friendly employees in the Careers Service.”

Likewise the benefit for students at the University of Sheffield has meant that they have been given an opportunity to apply for a vacancy they may not have been previously aware of. David Moodie, a first year Computer Science student who was successful in applying for the placement, says, “I found out about FinancialForce via an email from the Placement Team. The internship being offered looked perfect so I started the process of applying immediately. Three interviews, a lot of research and hard work later I was offered the job. I'm having a great time here and really value the experience that I'm getting. I'm pleased I put in the hard work to get a placement in my first year.”

If you’re an employer wanting to recruit a student for a placement, or would like students to know more about your company and would be interested in attending a networking event, email employers@sheffield.ac.uk.

FinancialForce.com looks set to continue to grow as the top player in the enterprise cloud application space. If you want to be part of this then FinancialForce.com maybe able to help your dreams become a reality.

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Careers Service

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