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Founded by research scientists in 2009, Ossila is based at the University of Sheffield’s research facility, The Kroto Innovation Centre. Over the last seven years the team at Ossila have built up significant experience in the device fabrication process, and are now keen to work with scientists who can use their expertise.

“We sell our products all over the world, but having a firm base is crucial for this. Our unique and close relationship with research groups at the University of Sheffield has really provided this for us. Sheffield is not only a great place to do business but also a great place to live. Many of our postgraduate research staff have been recruited from overseas and now live and work full time in Sheffield, and have many great things to say about the steel city. Sheffield also has one of the highest retention rates for students staying in the city after they graduate and we have employed a few of these Sheffield-loving graduates at Ossila.”

Ossila Ltd have employed and currently employ numerous students from the University of Sheffield in various capacities. “We have found the University’s Student Jobshop to be a fantastic resource for recruiting these talented and hardworking individuals, and have in fact discovered many of our student staff in this way. In the past we have recruited part-time staff, summer placements and even some graduate vacancies by utilising the Jobshop.”

This year Ossila Ltd also nominated three of their students for the Student Employee of the Year Awards through the University. “These students have had varied backgrounds but are all highly valued members of the Ossila team.” Not only did these students win awards at an institutional level, two of the students went onto win regional level awards and were highly commended at national level.

Being based on campus also allows Ossila to have access to and utilise a wide range of skills in student workers. “The flexibility of student employees is useful as part of a rapidly expanding business.” Ossila have found that these personnel have become very invested in the company which has been successful for both the students and Ossila as an employer. For the students this enables them to build their skill base and gain valuable experience, and for Ossila it means there is varied support and skills from part-time workers.

“We also employ postgraduate researchers who are based in the University of Sheffield Innovation Centre. Being centred alongside this skill base has been very beneficial for Ossila when hiring postgraduate workers. For postgraduate researchers the experience of working at Ossila allows them to finish their PhD with some practical skills from industry to go alongside the research skills their studies have provided. This is also useful for Ossila as they can apply their skill set from their research to their work.”

Ossila are dedicated to ensuring that the role of all of their student workers is beneficial to both parties. Helping student employees develop skills and experience, in addition to investing in the students as individuals, is very important to Ossila. Their recruitment has been easily facilitated by the University of Sheffield Careers Service. “Using the Student Jobshop allows us to easily dip into the ever expanding pool of highly talented Sheffield students and graduates. This is a major help to our recruiting process by ensuring that our new positions and vacancies are seen by a large number of potential employees.”

Ossila is currently midway through a two-year strategic growth plan and is beginning to formulate the next plan to grow the company further. “We aim to continue doing exactly what we have been up to now, which is provide great products, great customer service and support and invest heavily in research and development. All of which is achieved primarily through investing in our highly talented and dedicated staff, several of whom are University of Sheffield students and graduates. The recruitment of new staff at Ossila has often involved the Student Jobshop and as we grow, we plan to continue to utilise this fantastic resource.” Information about Ossila can be found at their website at: https://www.ossila.com/

If you’re a small to medium sized employer interested in recruiting students on a part-time basis, please visit our website where you can find out more: https://www.sheffield.ac.uk/careers/employers/support/sme

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