Do you fancy a TASTE of WORK?

We hope by now, you may have seen a variety of posters, flyers and plasma screen adverts for TASTE of WORK and perhaps you are wondering what TASTE of WORK is all about?

TASTE of WORK is a new scheme aimed at students with no previous work experience who are finding it hard to find a part-time job.  It offers a single, unpaid bitesize taster placement with an employer (currently mainly University and Union departments).

If you are finding it hard to find a job, why not consider a TASTE of WORK?  The current scheme is a pilot and it continues until the Easter vacation.  We have many new opportunities coming on board and are keen to hear from any student who fancies a TASTE of WORK.  Taking part can help you to gain skills and build your confidence, which in turn may help you to find a part-time job.

Find out more and apply online at:
Be sure to provide full deails of when you are free - this will help us to match you to a suitable TASTE of WORK.

News just in - we have just added a number of new 'TASTEs' to the scheme and we now have opportunities at the Edge, City View Cafe, Coffee Revolution and the Interval Bar in addition to the Union Welcome Desk and Box Office, the Careers Service, Enterprise and Registry Services.

Don't delay - apply today - TASTE of WORK only runs until Easter
Careers Service

Careers Service

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