What can we do for you after you graduate?

Ah, the relief! Finals are over and graduation is just around the corner. So congratulations, you deserve it.

If you’ve got a job or course to go onto next, you’ve even more reason to feel a justified sense of self-satisfaction. Same if you’ve sorted out to go travelling, or got a temporary job to tide you over. But what if you haven’t, or if you need help deciding what you’ll do once autumn rolls around. As some of you may be aware, the Careers Service doesn’t just shut up shop for the summer, and we don’t stop helping our graduates once they’ve left Sheffield.

You can continue to get our help up to three years after you leave, so whatever your careers question let us know. If you’re in Sheffield, you can call in whenever we’re open to use the information or drop-in for careers advice (afternoons 2:00pm – 4:00pm). Of course, if you’re coming back to the university for your graduation ceremony, then you might want to make the most of the opportunity to come and see us as well. We’d certainly be delighted to see you.

But if you’re not in Sheffield, or if you’re working during the week, a lot of what we do is on our website. There are sections of our site on exploring your options, making applications, and finding job vacancies. Go to the
‘Students and graduates’ section of the website for these and more. You can also use our ‘Email enquiry service’. We reply to your query within five working days, although usually it’s quicker than that.

We’re often asked if you can use a university careers service closer to where you live, and the answer to that is that it depends. Not all of them offer a service to you if you’ve not studied there, so we always advise contacting them before visiting, to find out what help they provide.

So when are we open? The good news is that we’re open nearly every day Monday to Friday throughout the summer - so come and pay us a visit.
[Please note that we are closed on Monday 29th August].
Careers Service

Careers Service

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