Difficult interview questions: the strange and obscure

The final post from our guest blogger, Ed Mellett, considers those particularly tricky questions that you may be asked in an interview.

How many petrol stations do you think there are in the country?
Some of the trickiest questions are those that test how you make your decisions and they can sound downright strange when they’re asked. Another examples of this type of question is “If you were stranded in a plane crash in the desert and the pilot was injured, would you stay with the plane or try to walk out and find help?”

The interviewers aren’t testing wilderness survival skills or geography knowledge, they are interested in how well you can think on your feet. They also want to know the reasoning behind your answer, so if you get asked a question like this don’t sit and work it out in your head, let the interviewer hear your decision process. If you don’t you’ll probably just get asked about it.

If you’re not sure how best to answer the question it’s fine to test out several different theories verbally, after all there are many different ways to work out the number of petrol stations. The interviewer will be impressed if they hear you running through a number of possible ways of solving the problem then making a decision about the best method to use.

With thanks to Edward Mellett, Director of graduate jobs website WikiJob.co.uk, for contributing this post.
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