Making the most of Skills for Success

I recently attended a Skills for Success session hosted by Endsleigh Insurance. They are an insurance company specialising in the student, graduate and education markets.  This session was focused solely on personal branding and marketing, and creating a good impression. It was very informative and interactive, as it involved group activities and a presentation from Endsleigh. I always find these talks quite useful because they offer an opportunity to get an insight into a company, often from an employee’s perspective. They can also help you to decide what your career skills are or what attracts you more towards a certain goal. With these sessions you are able to develop your skills when applying for jobs. Referring back to the sessions you attended can also show how interested you are in working for a particular company. 

Secondly, networking is a vital part of getting a job! If you go to these sessions, it’s your chance to make contacts and use them. How I view these sessions is that giving is better (and often more effective) than getting. Therefore, get out there, ask questions, share information and connect with people that will help you achieve your ambitions.

Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

Shameen (Student Blogger)

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