Strike a balance - there’s room for work, study and play!

I have several part-time jobs, all at the University. I am a residential mentor at the Endcliffe Village and I also work at the Student Jobshop and in the Alumni Office. I know it sounds like a lot and it can sometimes be hard to manage time.

But once I knew how much time a week I needed to do all my preparation for lectures and seminars, I knew how much time I could afford to spend working. It still requires good time-management and organisational skills. I organise my time into a calendar and also use to-do lists to make sure I manage to finish all the work on time. But I always plan for some time off as well and I highly recommend this - nobody can work 24/7, we all need to relax and enjoy uni life.

I love working several part-time jobs because it gives me a wide variety of experiences. I also have a lot more to write on my CV because I developed different skills in each job. Having several very different jobs allowed me to work in an office as well as outside it, in a customer service role as well as in a data input role, and in a variety of teams. And I also enjoy working in a few different places because I like to keep myself busy and change my routine a little bit everyday, so it's always an interesting day. Since no day is the same, it never gets boring! 

Martina (Final year Legal Practice Course student)
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Careers Service

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